Our sexual assault lawyers have obtained millions of dollars for victims of sexual assault while helping to restore their dignity. Sexual assault at work is different than sexual battery. Sexual Battery involves completed physical touching of intimate sexual organs. Sexual assault involves a reasonable belief an unwanted sexual battery is about to happen. It is not important whether conduct constitutes sexual assault, or sexual battery. Both forms of sexual harassment are illegal in the workplace and can be sued for.

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Below you will find a jury instruction our sexual assault lawyer, Karl Gerber, used in a California jury trial. You may find this instruction relevant in determining how to prove civil assault. Alternatively, you may choose to contact a Civil Assault Lawyer and let them sue your employer for a workplace assault.

Please understand that in order for a workplace assault to be worth suing for in civil court the employee must suffer damage as a result of the assault. As shown below, damage is an element of assault. Damage can be emotional or physical.

1301. Assault – Essential Factual Elements

sexual harassment jury trial law

Marina Chavez claims that Richard Ramirez assaulted her. To establish this claim, Marina Chavez must prove all of the following:

  1. That Richard Ramirez acted, intending to cause harmful or offensive contact;

  2. That Marina Chavez reasonably believed that she was about to be touched in a harmful or an offensive manner;

  • or

  1. That Richard Ramirez threatened to touch Marina Chavez in a harmful or an offensive manner;

  2. That it reasonably appeared to Marina Chavez that Richard Ramirez was about to carry out the threat;

  3. That Marina Chavez did not consent to Richard Ramirez’s conduct;

  4. That Marina Chavez was harmed; and

  5. That Richard Ramirez’s conduct was a substantial factor in causing Marina Chavez’s harm.

  • A touching is offensive if it offends a reasonable sense of personal dignity.

  • Words alone do not amount to an assault.


Although not a guarantee of future outcome, Karl Gerber, has obtained many large settlements for victims of sexual assault and battery. Some of his recent settlements for victims of sexual harassment that contained elements of assault and battery include:

  • $610,000 for unwanted touching in a restaurant

  • $260,000 for sexual harassment constituting unwanted assault and battery


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