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More than 70 years have passed since John Steinbeck wrote about the exploitation of migrant workers in California. Unfortunately, many of the abuses described in the book, such as fraudulent recruitment for jobs continues to be practiced by some California employers.

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Examples of employment fraud in Los Angeles include:

  1. False recruiting for a job that doesn’t exist
  2. Promising a good salary for a job that only pays commissions
  3. Promising you additional compensation but not delivering it
  4. Failing to disclose the short-term nature of the job


employment fraud

Employers, or agents of employers, who influence or persuade an employee to move from one place to another based upon knowingly false representations whether spoken written or advertised are liable for double damages if they used misrepresentations in the kind, character, or existence of work. Misrepresentations about salary in order to get an employee to move are also employment fraud. Employers who have persuaded a person to move, based upon fraud, are liable for a fine. The fine for defrauding an employee to move based upon misrepresentations (fraud) is double the employee’s damages in an employment fraud suit.

Employment fraud cases are difficult and complicated. Only the most experienced employment lawyers able to draft quality legal documents in employment fraud cases should be hired to represent an employee who was defrauded during the course of their employment. A failure to properly particularize all of the aspects of the fraud, spoken and written, in your original court papers can be detrimental. Employment fraud cases may be vigorously defended. An employment attorney without the resources of multiple attorneys on their employment attorney staff will be overwhelmed and could lose your employment fraud case on a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

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