Los Angeles Unpaid Commissions Lawyer

Los Angeles Unpaid Commissions Lawyer

In California, it is illegal for an employer to withhold unpaid commissions and bonuses. If you haven’t been paid all of the money you have earned, you may be entitled to compensation. Only an experienced attorney can determine the value of your claim, which may include the pay you are owed, interest, penalties and other damages.

At the Employment Lawyers Group, our attorneys have extensive experience litigating unpaid wages cases, including failure to pay commissions and bonuses. We have had recoveries of over $1,000,000 due to unpaid wages or commissions. Contact us to discuss your unpaid commission case and explain your options.

In Los Angeles, when must commissions and bonuses be paid?

As a general rule, your employer is required to pay you a commission or nondiscretionary bonus if you have substantially completed the necessary work to earn the compensation. You are entitled to unpaid commissions and bonuses even if you leave your employer. However, if another employee had to perform substantial duties to complete the commissionable or bonus event, your employer may not have to pay you.

If your employer fails to pay you all of the compensation you have earned at termination or quitting, your employer may have to pay you “waiting time wages.” Waiting time wages are a full day’s pay for up to 30 days until your employer pays you.

Los Angeles Meal Break Lawyer

Unpaid Wages, Case Wins & Settlements in Los Angeles

  • $275,628 Fair Employment & Housing Act
  • $216,575 Leave of Absence Termination
  • $175,000 Wrongfully Terminated Controller
  • $105,000 Overtime Due Computer Professional
  • $150,000 Wrongful Termination of Waitress

Los Angeles wage and hour act attorney

Many unpaid wage cases are very small, or too small for an employment lawyer to take as only one case. In those circumstances, class action representation for Labor Code Violations for unpaid wages may be the employee’s only recourse. However, in cases in which the average employee is owed tens of thousands of dollars, the employee may be best off filing their own action for unpaid wages.

Protection for employees: If your employer fires you or punishes you for filing an unpaid commissions or bonus case, it may be subject to additional damages.

Dealing with unpaid wages can get complicated as there are many rules and regulations. At The Employment Lawyers Group, we will help you get what you deserve if you have not been compensated for your time. Most labor lawyers will only take cases for Unpaid Overtime, Meal Breaks, Prevailing Wage, or minimum Wage violations on a classwide basis where your recover will be diluted.

Call 1-877-525-0700 toll free. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis with no upfront costs. We handle both individual cases for single employees and class actions brought on behalf of numerous employees for labor violations.