Sexual Orientation Harassment Attorney In Los Angeles

Sexual Orientation Harassment Lawyer

Despite advancements in the right to gay marriage, we have found sexual orientation to be amongst the most ridiculed protected characteristics in the workplace. Many American and non-American employees are simply not tolerant of their gay co-workers.

We have handled gay harassment cases in employment involving members of the opposite sex who hope to turn a gay person straight. We been involved in numerous employment cases where as soon as management finds out an employee is gay and with a gay partner, everything in the employment relationship goes south. Perhaps more obvious, we have handled multiple gay harassment cases where a gay employee is taunted due to their sexuality. These unkind remarks often involve references to gay sexual practices, or stereotypical characteristics of somebody who is gay.

Examples of gay harassment include:

  1. Calling employees names due to their sexual orientation
  2. Interfering and criticizing an employee’s work, beyond belief, upon finding out the employee is gay
  3. Claiming a straight person is gay and harassing them as if they were gay and attracted to members of the same sex. This is perceived sexual orientation harassment.
  4. Constantly referencing the employee’s sexual orientation especially if it does not have anything to do with the matter at hand.
  5. Engaging in sexual orientation stereotyping.
    This may involve insinuating a gay man is not masculine, not strong, would not want a work task deemed macho.
Gay Lesbian Harassment Lawyer Los Angeles

Discrimination based upon sexual orientation is similar to gay harassment, may be more subtle, but is no less offensive. When gay men are not invited to management retreats due to their sexuality that is discrimination. Likewise, not being invited to important business meetings or lunches because straight co-workers feel uncomfortable is behavior that will cause damage to an employee’s career due to their sexual orientation.

Whether you have been the victim of gay harassment in employment, or you lost your job due to your sexual orientation we may be able to help. Our background in sexual orientation goes back far. Before the Fair Employment and Housing Act covered transgender issues, in the mid-1990s firm founder Karl Gerber succeeded in using alternative theories to sue for gender identification discrimination and job terminations. He is also the author of a satire novel partially aimed at demonstrating gay bashing is nothing but juvenile.

Examples of Sexual Orientation Harassment Cases We Have Handled Include:

  • A gay male cross dresser who lived in Van Nuys was terminated for speaking like a female and otherwise demeaned due to his sexual orientation
  • A Burbank transgender car lot manager was fired for using the female bathroom
  • A West Covina salesman was sexually harassed by gay male co-workers in an attempt to get him to come out
  • A lesbian non-profit worker was sexually harassed by a male director of a Sacramento non-profit because he hoped to have a threesome
  • A Hollywood machine shop worker was berated and physically abused because he was gay

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