Sexual harassment often involves battery. The elements of battery include harmful or offensive touches to a reasonable person, without consent. Battery becomes sexual battery if intimate bodily organs are touched such as genitals, buttocks, or breasts. Below is a sample jury instruction from one of our firm’s sexual harassment jury trials.

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1301. Assault – Essential Factual Elements

Employment Lawyers Group Sexual Battery Lawyer

Marina Chavez claims that Richard Ramirez committed a battery. To establish this claim, Marina Chavez must prove all of the following:

  1. That Richard Ramirez touched Marina Chavez or caused Marina Chavez to be touched with the intent to harm or offend her;

  2. That Marina Chavez did not consent to the touching; and

  3. That Marina Chavez was harmed or offended by Richard Ramirez’s conduct; and

  4. That a reasonable person in Marina Chavez’s situation would have been offended by the touching.

1302. Consent Explained

Employment Lawyers Group Sexual Battery Lawyer

A plaintiff may express consent by words or acts that are reasonably understood by another person as consent.

A plaintiff may also express consent by silence or inaction if a reasonable person would understand that the silence or inaction intended to indicate consent.

Being touched without one’s consent is not fun. Physical injury or emotional distress may follow. It is important to consult the right workplace lawyers about unwanted touching at work. There are fine lines between which kinds of conduct can be sued for in civil court versus the workers compensation arena. Our workplace lawyers know these differences.

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