Workplace Abuse Lawyer

Workplace Abuse Lawyer Workplace abuse is alive and well in 21st Century California.

Our employee lawyers have fought and won many workplace abuse cases for our clients. We have obtained monetary compensation for our employee clients while restoring their dignity.

Relief provided for workplace abuses, other than work injuries caused by ordinary negligence, include tort damages. These damages include lost wages, damages for mental suffering, and potential punitive damages. Workplace abuses involving unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment require the employer to pay the employee’s attorney fees if the employee wins the lawsuit against their employer.

Workplace abuses for unpaid wages carry many fines and penalties the employee may be able to recover. If the employer loses they must pay the employee’s attorney fees. However, our labor lawyers take all cases on a contingency. This means we are only paid out of what we recovery.


Modern Day Workplace Abuses include:

Workplace Abuse Example Los Angeles
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Forcing employees to work in unsafe work environments
  • Exposing employees to unhealthy work environments
  • Subjecting employees to workplace stress and intimidation
  • Retaliation due to whistleblowing
  • Discrimination based on age, disability, medical condition, race,
    pregnancy, and sex
  • Shaving off time worked from timecards
  • Not paying overtime or double time
  • Not allowing employees to take 30 minute uninterrupted meal breaks
  • Not allowing employees to take 10 minute rest breaks
  • Failing to properly pay employees
  • Failing to reimburse employees for expenses incurred that benefit the employer
  • Assault, battery, and sexual battery
  • Failing to allow an employee to use workers compensation benefits
  • Forcing employees to perform illegal acts for their employers
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Harassment on the basis of a protected characteristic
  • Not allowing employees time off for serious medical appointments

Although the above list is somewhat long and contains eighteen different categories of workplace abuses there are many more.
Our labor attorneys have extensive experience representing employees. We are aware of all legal remedies that might apply to an abusive workplace.

For legal consultation about workplace abuses - contact our labor lawyers at 1-877-525-0700.

Workplace Abuses Falling Under The Workers Compensation System

Workplace abuses may fall both under the civil court system and the workers compensation system. However, some types of workplace abuse only allow for legal recovery in the workers compensation system. Workplace abuses that must be redressed in the workers compensation system allow the employees certain remedies. Remedies under the workers compensation system include:

  • Permanent and Temporary Disability Benefits which mean a percent of the employee’s normal salary until they are mentally or physically able to work at the capacity they did before the workplace injury
  • Paid for Medical and Psychological Treatment
  • Potential lump sum payments for workplace injuries

Our work lawyers can advise you whether your workplace harm qualifies for workers compensation benefits and/or civil damages. Call us at 1-877-525-0700 for a confidential conversation about your workplace problems. Some Of Our Workplace Abuse Case Results:

Employment Law Settlements
  • $525,000 for a group of underpaid disaster inspectors
  • Several settlements of more than $300,000 for sexual harassment
  • A binding arbitration for close to $300,000 for illegally paid construction workers
  • A binding arbitration award of approximately $539,000 for disability discrimination
  • Workers compensation settlements of hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • $365,000 trial win for pregnancy discrimination and failure to accomodate
  • $225,000 settlement for pregnancy harassment and discrimination
  • $150,000 for race discrimination and racial harassment in El Segundo
  • $175,000 for several exotic dancers not paid minimum wage
  • $750,000 class action settlement for janitors paid less than minimum wage