Do Constuction Booms lead to Work Injuries?

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Multi family construction is taking a lot of the construction workers in the San Fernando Valley. Sadly, construction fences are being defaced.

This Sherman Oaks site has some decent framing!

Busy contractors rushing job completions can be a dangerous practice for their workers.
If you've been in a construction site accident,

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The City of Los Angeles now requires expansion tanks on water heaters. This expansion tank was installed in August of 2015. As you can see it is spraying water all over a basement. These tanks are made very poorly and leak. This is an example of a building requirement that causes substantial property damage and potential great bodily injury. Spraying expansion tanks can create terrible mold, electrocution, ruin ducts, bring down hillsides, get underneath a foundation via crawl space and lots of other places.

If the expansion tank does not have a shut off you can use without disconnecting screws (which a licensed plumber should do) you will need to shut off your water at your main until a plumber arrives.

The City of Los Angeles and the State of California needs to consider burdensome laws that lead to true wastes of water and the likelihood of serious property destruction and bodily injury.

The other lurking flooder in your house are water softeners. Water softener leaks are likely to take out your house and require a remodel down to the studs. Water softeners will eventually fail and can lead to endless water floods.

Or workers come to get attorneys who understand how it is to work in the building trades. Let us help if your a construction worker.

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In the City of Los Angeles outdoor electrical trenches should be a minimum of 18 inches below grade (or in layman's terms buried).

You can decide whether you want to call me a worker lawyer, or not. I strung and dug this trench in 4.5 hours. It is 60 feet long and a minimum of 18 inches deep. The soil was compacted at more than 5000 psi, and parts were rather rocky. Although it is not perfectly straight I used the PVC tubes to measure and see if electrical tubing could get into the trench and it worked without creating unnecessary bends.

Well, back to the office tomorrow to work on employee class actions.

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