Our experienced employee wage attorneys handle both employee lawsuits for unpaid wages when an employee loses their job, and also when the employee is not properly paid all types of wages.

If you were wrongfully terminated and are considering suing for wage loss.

If your wage loss may be due to job discrimination.

Employee wages, whether commissions, overtime, straight pay, standby pay, or pay due under an employment agreement must be paid. Employers who fail to pay employee wages subject themselves to massive fines, penalties, and interest on top of the unpaid wages. In almost all cases successful employee wage claims result in the employer being responsible for the employee’s attorney fees.

Employees who are wrongfully terminated, forced to quit, defrauded into employment, or whose employment contracts are breached.

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Our California unpaid wage lawyers can help you recover the following types of unpaid wages:

  • Bonuses
  • Commissions (Including Manager Overrides)
  • Double Time
  • Meal Break Pay
  • Minimum Wage
  • Overtime
  • Prevailing Wage (Special Wages for Government Construction)
  • Rest Breaks (10 Minute Rest Breaks)
  • Stock Options
  • Standby Pay
  • Unpaid Hours of Work
  • Unpaid Salary

Unpaid wage claims are not only for hourly workers. Our wage attorneys represent both hourly employees and salaried employees. We even represent employees misclassified as independent contractors.

If you are owed commissions, or other wages, pursuant to an employment contract it is always helpful if you are able to allow our wage lawyers to examine your contract so we can determine if it is legally binding, and you may be entitled to unpaid wages. However, under the right circumstances we may take a case based upon contractually due wages even if we have not seen the contract.

Los Angeles Meal Break Lawyer


Recently, minimum wage law has been changing in California. Many cities have enacted their own minimum wage laws. Firm Head, Karl Gerber, has written numerous legal articles on these changes to California minimum wage law. He has also been involved in several debates about California’s changing minimum wage. Our minimum wage lawyers can advise you what the present minimum wage is for the job you have.

Failing to pay an employee the legal minimum wage is wrong. While some law firms are reluctant to represent minimum wage and sub-minimum wage workers that is not the case for the Employment Lawyers Group. We have tried cases in court involving minimum wage violations. Karl Gerber has also arbitrated several minimum wage lawsuits on behalf of numerous employees and won.


What is overtime pay? Overtime pay is due for all hours worked in excess of eight in a day. Double Time is owed for all hours worked in excess of 12 in a day. Double Time may also be due if an employee is forced to work four consecutive weeks in a row without a day off. Double time is calculated by multiplying the employee’s hourly wage by two. Nonexempt employees are entitled to overtime. Exempt workers are not entitled to overtime.

Overtime wage laws involve a few concepts:

  • How many hours did the employee work in a day?
  • What is the employer’s expectation of the type of job the employee does?
  • In reality what types of work does the employee do?
  • At what hour of a calendar day does the work day start?
  • How much does the employee earn each pay period?

If you have questions about whether you are entitled to overtime you should call 1-877-525-0700 to speak to our California Overtime Lawyers. California overtime rules are complex, and best understood in consultation with an experienced California overtime lawyer. Moreover, if you want your employer to pay overtime our overtime lawyers can be of assistance. Unpaid overtime cases can result in large recoveries because it is possible to sue for overtime pay going back four years from the date the overtime lawsuit is filed. In addition to receiving time and a half for every hour worked, overtime labor laws require the employer to pay interest and potentially penalties.

Our California overtime lawyers can also answer questions about federal labor laws for overtime. While we do not normally use Federal FLSA overtime laws for our California overtime lawsuits, Karl Gerber is familiar with the Federal Fair Labor & Standards Act. Federal FLSA laws are generally less favorable than California overtime rules. However, because no other law applied, in an out of state overtime class action Karl Gerber successfully used Federal FLSA overtime laws to recovery unpaid overtime for hundreds of misclassified independent contractors. We can advise which overtime rules will result in your best recovery.

Salary and overtime are not necessarily two inconsistent things. Salaried employees may be entitled to overtime. Salaried overtime exists if the employee is not paid enough to be exempt under California overtime laws. Other salaried employees are entitled to overtime because the nature of their job does not make them exempt from overtime law. Salaried overtime is something best spoken to with an experienced California overtime lawyer.


Employee lawsuits for unpaid bonuses and commissions can be large. Karl Gerber recovered $1,150,000 for unpaid sales commissions in one lawsuit. In another lawsuit he recovered a substantial amount for a site manager whose bonuses were not paid.

Bonuses and commissions are usually regulated by written formulas. If a written contract does not regulate the commission structure that now violates a specific California Labor Code. In consulting with a labor lawyer it is important the employee have access to all written documents concerning unpaid bonuses and commissions. Nonetheless, our unpaid commission attorneys have taken many cases in which the employee did not have the applicable commission agreement in their possession when they retained our law firm.


In general, the term, “Wage and Hour Claims” refers to all legal actions for unpaid wages other than a case involving a job termination.

Some wage and hour claims involve employees not fully paid for every hour of their job. These types of wage lawsuits lead to many Labor Code violations. Many of these Labor Code violations carry penalties. If you were not paid all of your wages due we will examine all statutory and legal remedies you may have against your employer in order to recover your unpaid wages.

Please contact our California labor lawyers at 1-877-525-0700 regarding any wage and hour claim you want to bring for yourself or as a group in a wage and hour class action.

We represent all employees on a contingency which means we are only paid out of any money we can recover from your employer. In addition, many wage and hour laws require the employer to pay your attorney fees if you win which may mean that is how we are paid in lieu of a contingency fee.

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  • $1,150,000 for unpaid software commissions
  • $450,000 standby pay for two cable technicians
  • Almost $300,000 arbitration result for unpaid wages & penalties
  • Class Action Settlements for numerous employees not paid wages
  • Numerous Labor Code Section 2699 (PAGA) settlements on behalf of many

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