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Today marks my 25th anniversary as a lawyer.

Today marks my 25th anniversary as a lawyer. This Sunday Rhemus Helms, The Most Important Man of Sun Valley, California will be helping me celebrate while covering the Family Medical Leave Act and other developments that have happened in employment law over the last 25 years. Listen live from 7-8 PM this Sunday on KABC 790AM, or stream live on the Karl Gerber channel on YouTube.

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Is Leaving Work to go to Doctor always Allowed?

Leaving work for some doctor's appointments is not protected under any labor laws. An employer does not have to permit an employee to leave work for an elective beauty treatment at a dermatologist. But what if one of these machines was used to alleviate skin damage after a cancer surgery? For these kind of hard legal questions you need to consult a qualified employee lawyer.

BTW if you know what these machines are do say. I haven't a clue.


FMLA for Serious Dental Conditions

Serious dental conditions may entitle an employee to Family Medical Leave/California Family Rights Act Leave.

Some time back I got over $100,000 for a warehouse worker who could not lift due to oral surgery. Besides refusing to follow the restrictions, he was denied FMLA leave.

Now I have another case in which an oral surgeon required the employee to be out of work due to medication that could have him to sleep. The employer refused. Guess what? The employer accused the employee of sleeping on the job when he was forced to come to work highly medicated due to pain,

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