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Employees are still working four days before Christmas.

Employees are still working four days before Christmas.


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Every profession is hard. In general, people need to be more understanding of all workers.

Every profession is hard. In general, people need to be more understanding of all workers. Many people presume employees are machines. Every job has its challenges.
Imagine having to load and unload over 3,300 pounds of rocks from a raised truck bed? Imagine a lawyer who has to spend 60 hours opposing legal arguments on paper while reading and analyzing hundreds of dull cases.
Every job has its hardships and tediums.

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This is what my caucus room looked like at today's mediation.

This is what my caucus room looked like at today's mediation. It is important that laptops be on, phones a' chargin', clients get energy from a bag of Dorito's, tabs are plentiful on the important papers, and important files are pulled.

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Working in the automotive repair industry leads to many issues. These issues include the obvious: overtime, work injuries, and wrongful termination. The more complicated issues revolve around commissions, and often minimum wage. Mechanics at dealers often have doozy pay arrangements.

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Goodbye to Dupar's Studio City, a near 70 year resident. My first recollection of this joint was when I was a delivery driver for a legal records copying company (Compex). It was 1986 and I was in my first year of college, first semester. I stopped one day and ate at the counter. I thought the check was expensive. Whether it was $10 or $20 I do not recall. I do believe I ordered dessert along with my hamburger.
Dupar's represented a dining style from the way old San Fernando Valley, maybe the 1930s, maybe as late as the 1950s. Upstairs restrooms and very old equipment behind the counter ain't 1960s.
The last few years I have eaten here with my son. We believe they have the best pancakes anywhere.The 3 pancake short stack does it for me these days, nothing else needed.
It is sad to see this one go. I do not think something will replace Dupar's that lasts 70 years. Please, no more sushi, or chef's cooking for $75.00 a person and a bunch of burned or fried foods.

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Typical Los Angeles Superior Court hallway. This one is Van Nuys Superior Court. Many of the county courthouses still in service were built Mid-Century. This particular superior court was built in 1967.
Most employment lawsuits are filed in the Central courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. Nonetheless, I find myself appearing in Van Nuys for one reason or another every so often because it is so close to our Sherman Oaks office.

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This is the newer Van Nuys Court building, but maybe this tells you how long I have been in the Van Nuys area because this building was built in the 1980s. It is a criminal court building in the Erwin Street Mall. Traffic tickets can be paid here.

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Almost Hollywood from this North Hollywood location mis-named sometimes Universal City. The reflections in the building are real. This was shot late afternoon before we went back to day-light-savings time. The glass buildings in the Valley often pick up sensational reflections of iconic Los Angeles scenery.


Corky's Van Nuys

Van Nuys Boulevard facing North south of Magnolia. It is hard to imagine people cruising this Boulevard more than thirty years ago.


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Heavy machinery taped off so nobody gets hurt, or takes her for a ride. Framing is crazy. Job site safety is paramount. Everybody should wear a harness. Beer and other booze should be kept far away from this and any other construction site. Unfortunately, I receive a few calls a day about workplace injuries. Quite often I think I'd rather live in a world of safe employment even if it meant an end to some of my law practice.

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Serious detailing of a vintage roadster at the car wash a block from the Sherman Oaks office. It's been tough on the crew at the car wash because it's been over 100 degrees. I don't know how they do it.


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Studio City is more than a hair salon and elegant balloons. CBS and a number of entertainment related enterprises are in Studio City.

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Would you like to see a three story parking lot terminate in this location, or a gate allowing entry into a 90 foot parking structure here in this residential estate neighborhood of Studio City.
If you aren't thrilled about a pedestrian bridge along Coldwater Canyon, or retaining walls and soil removals not done since the 405 widening project there is an August 2, 2017 meeting at the city.


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Not the same Sherman Oaks Galleria of the 1980s, or even 1996, when I rented a Barrister's executive suite there so I could use their law library and meet a few clients there while I was building the conference table in my Ventura Boulevard office down the street right before I ended that lease and moved into the Hamburger Hamlet building.



Interior show of a picture framing store across the street from the Sherman Oaks office. The owner has an interest in action figures and comic art. Thus, the encased Cat Woman art.
I love all the nice colored frames. Very helpful folks at the store too.

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This is a common sight in the Sherman Oaks area these days. Homes and multi-family residences are quickly fenced off after they are purchased by a developer who will quickly knock them down. These residences are typically late 1940s and 1950s construction, but some of them are older.
Oddly, I am not receiving telephone calls from the employees who work for these developers. Either they do not have employees, or they are following labor laws.

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Studio City, Farmer's Market on a Sunday, from Laurel Canyon looking towards Ventura Place. I cannot overemphasize the value of picking up healthy food at this particular Farmer's Market, or the one in Oxnard. In Studio City, however, you are likely to see a celebrity and a few Paparazzi stationed in different places to snap a pic.

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We represent all levels of healthcare workers from medical assistants in small San Fernando Valley area medical offices to doctors at important hospitals. Recently we have seen quite a few cases from aids in group homes reporting illegal conditions. Eight or nine years ago we had multiple cases from CNAs including ones in nursing homes fired due to their pregnancies.
Please contact our experienced employee labors if you have a wrongful termination or forced to quit case in California.

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Today is the 23rd, and as of today I have been a licensed California attorney for 23 years! The below picture was taken when I was a lawyer for maybe a year, definitely less than two. I was in my first office in front of the conference table. I still have the conference table. I refinished it in this rented Sherman Oaks office in early 1996 and moved it to the conference room in the Sherman Oaks office building I purchased in 1999.
It's been a long and interesting run from being the youngest kid on the block to lawyers from the other side asking me how I've done it this long and this good and insinuating they want to contact me when they switch sides.

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