8 Examples Of Workplace Retaliation In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

Workplace retaliation occurs when an employee is fired, demoted, or seriously harassed. We have argued, in certain court cases, the distinction between harassment and retaliation is impossible to make.

There are many different case scenarios involving retaliation. Retaliation due to whistle blowing about illegal conduct can take several forms. Retaliation because the employee has made a complaint to a government agency is serious whistle blowing retaliation. In California, retaliation of an employee (including discharge of employment) because the employee complains to the government is illegal. Retaliation because an employee rebuffs a discriminatory practice is also a prevalent form on retaliation.

Here is a non-exhausting list of examples of workplace retaliation:

  1. Employee terminated for refusing to perform work in an illegal manner
  2. Told to sweep the parking lot after a complaint of sexual harassment when not one’s normal job
  3. Given the graveyard shift after complaining one wants Sundays off for religious observance
  4. Not being given any hours after exercising the right to take Family Medical Leave
  5. Being suspended for testifying truthfully in a sexual harassment investigation
  6. Being threatened with one’s job or violence on a frequent basis after complaining about
  7. illegal conduct
  8. Demotion to a lower position, with significantly lower pay, for reporting illegal conduct

Damages In Retaliation Cases

Workplace retaliation cases may lead to punitive damages. The act of retaliating against an employee for exercising a lawful legal right is looked upon very poorly at by the general public. Not only has the employer engaged in unlawful conduct, but they are punishing an employee who has tried to abide by the law.

As of 2014, in addition to all available damages for lost wages, emotional distress, and punitive damages, employers who retaliate against employees may be subject to a fine up to $10,000.00. They may also be subject to a difficult standard of proving their conduct was motivated by something other than retaliation.

There are endless scenarios of employment retaliation. We have handled hundreds of retaliation cases for employees throughout California. Please contact our firm to discuss your workplace retaliation case.

Some of the results we have obtained in retaliation cases include:

  • $175,000 settlement to a controller who complained of illegal conduct
  • $150,000 to a social worker who complained of patient abuse in a nursing home
  • $135,000 settlement to a financial worker who complained of SEC violations
  • $135,000 settlement to an office employee in a construction company
  • Over $300,000 settlement to two women who worked at a trade school and exposed financial aid fraud

We have represented retaliated against employees in the following fields:

  • Aerospace Workers
  • Automotive Dealership Employees
  • Construction Industry Employees
  • Driving/Logistics Workers
  • Education Workers
  • Entertainment Industry Workers
  • Finance Employees
  • Health Care Workers
  • Manufacturing Workers
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Quality Control Workers
  • Sales
  • Sanitation/Waste Workers
  • Security
  • Social Workers
  • Telemarketing Workers

Our experience representing employees in these industries gives us an edge up in understanding the regulatory schemes and unique issues pertaining to these industries. Let us use our experience to represent you in your workplace retaliation case.