Our job lawyers only represent employees on a contingency basis -
meaning we only get paid when and if we win your case. We do not represent employers.

The Employment Lawyers Group’s job lawyers
handle a variety of workplace disputes including:employee job lawyer

If your job problem fits into one of the above categories, or is employment related,
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employee work lawyer

Our work lawyers have represented all levels of the workforce from minimum wage employees to employees earning more than $1,000,000 a year. We have also fought legal battles against all types of employers including the largest in the United States. Having represented so many different types of employees, in so many different industries, we have particular expertise in representing employees in cases against their current or former employers.

Since 1993 lead attorney, Karl Gerber, has prosecuted more than 2,000 separate employee lawsuits in arbitration, Federal Court, and superior court. He remains involved in all of the cases the Employment Lawyers Group takes, usually reviewing and marking up every paper that goes out on these lawsuits. Typically he takes the depositions in the cases, attends the mediations, and often arbitrates or tries the cases himself. All strategic decisions on our employee lawsuits are made with Karl Gerber.

Our staff labor lawyers have all been employed at our law firm for many years. All of them only represent employees and only represent employees in disputes against their employers. This means our law firm’s entire focus is on worker rights in the arbitration and the court system.


The California workforce deserves quality legal representation. We are prepared to spend hundreds of hours on your case with a team of lawyers, paralegals, and office staff. We are prepared to render these invaluable services on a contingency meaning we are only paid when and if we collect money from your employer and we advance all of the costs to do so. Our promise to provide you quality legal representation on a contingency basis is because our mission is to help workers with their legal issues.

If your employer violated your rights we would like to help you get your dignity back. Winning a lawsuit in court assists some people in regaining their dignity. Other employees feel a sense of vindication when they receive fair or extravagant compensation for their workplace wrongs.

Some of our recent awards for workers include:

  • $400,000 won binding arbitration for meal breaks, off-the-clock work for 4
  • $750,000 for sub-minimum wages paid in a hotel
  • $800,000 for mis-classified independent contractors
  • $800,000 for uncompensated on-call time
  • $260,000 for sexual harassment at a supermarket
  • $250,000 for whistleblowing and PAGA penalties
  • $200,000 for prevailing wage & PAGA claims made by 2
  • $350,000 for prevailing wages for numerous employees
  • $180,000 for on-call work in the oil-fields
  • $152,000 for a job termination during Family Medical Leave
  • $490,000 for sex and age discrimination

We represent workers throughout California. We have offices in Bakersfield, Gardena, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Sherman Oaks, and Tustin because a lot of employees want our firm to represent them in a lot of different places.

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