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Top Employment Attorney, 11 Traits Of A Top Los Angeles Lawyer

Recently, a number of websites have proclaimed the lawyer, or maybe the website is a, “Top Employment Lawyer.” Lists have also appeared proclaiming who is a, “Top employment lawyer.” One earns the right to be on the list of top employment lawyers if they advertise in the magazine whom publishes the list, or a few of one’s friends vote the lawyer in as a, “Top employment lawyer.” The vast majority of these so-called, “Top employment lawyers” could not handle an employment case in any court.

I, Karl Gerber, have represented employees in employment lawsuits since 1993. Whether I am a top employment lawyer or not, I do not care and do not know how to measure. What I do know is who actually does employment law cases in Los Angeles, Southern California, and many other places. What offends me the most is the firms claiming they are top employment lawyers have not tried any employment cases in court, or arbitration, or scarcely have done so. Others have not tried an employment case in years, if not decades. The firms claiming they are top employment lawyers have not filed, nor won an employment law appeal ever, or in any great mass. Most of the firms claiming they are top employment attorneys are run by lawyers who do not actually do any legal work, but delegate it to recent law school graduates who know little about employment law, or representing clients.

Here is what I require to call oneself a, “Top Employment Lawyer,”

  1. A firm head who has recently tried in court and in binding arbitration an employment case they won for an ex-employee
  2. A firm that handles all employment cases and nothing else
  3. A firm who never charges any former employee fees or costs up front
  4. A firm who has published appellate opinions in employment law
  5. A firm whose paid staff attorneys, who do not work from home, have actually practiced in the field of labor and employment law for a minimum of 5-10 years
  6. A firm head who has written multiple published articles on employment law
  7. A firm head who routinely reads every single employment law case that comes out
  8. A firm that employees certified paralegals
  9. A firm head capable of writing complicated briefs to courts on employment law
  10. A firm that does not refuse to take cases in various areas of employment law such as wrongful termination because the employee representation will not be lucrative enough for the profit driven lawyer
  11. A firm that is not simply looking to get rich on an unpaid wage class action

The Employment Lawyers Group Brings The Following To The Table:

  • A firm head who has handled in excess of 2,000 cases in courts and binding arbitration for employees and not anybody else
  • A firm head who writes legal briefs so complex the defense goes crazy
  • A firm head who has numerous published appeals in the area of employment law
  • Staff attorneys who have been with the firm for years
  • Staff attorneys who have practiced employment law for year
  • Certified paralegals employed by the firm for years
  • A firm head who has successfully tried 46/48 of his first-chair trials and arbitrations
  • Membership in the California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA) and The Labor & Employment Section of The California State Bar
  • Staff attorneys who have tried and/or arbitrated employment cases within the last six months
  • A firm head who constantly prepares cases for trial and tries them
  • A firm that handles nothing but employment law
  • A firm head who has done nothing but employment law for 20 years
  • A firm head who has written in excess of 300 separate articles on employment law
  • A firm head who speaks at continuing legal education seminars for lawyers who want to know more about employment law
  • A firm head who has read each new case on employment law, every night, for over 20 years
  • A firm that NEVER charges clients any fees or costs up front
  • A firm that handles all types of employment cases and will not sell a person short by refusing to represent them in an individual capacity in hopes of big dollars on a class action for the lawyer
  • A firm head who knows many of the lawyers who represent employees and may be able to help you find an attorney even if your case does not meet our criteria
  • A firm with offices all over California in order to represent the California workforce
  • Firm that does not make huge individual profits because our mission is to represent workers
  • A firm head licensed to practice law in four different states
  • A firm who works on a contingency on cases that take a lot of attorney time and would result in paid fees up to ten times what we actually collect as a fee on a percent
  • A firm who has obtained approximately $20,000,000 in employment case results in the last few years. Yeah, we aren’t going to list out just 20-50 case results like our competition. Our recoveries on non-class actions is about $20,000,000 for our clients in the last few years; lots of employment cases, lots of good results

How about this, you hire us and decide if we are Top Employment Lawyers. Alternatively, read our website. See our published employment appeals and published arbitration and trial victories. Lawyers can buy advertisements proclaiming they are top employment lawyers, and they can pay to pose in pictures with important people, but results and experience are what clients need; not bought hype.

The Employment Lawyers Group has been in the same Sherman Oaks location since February of 1999. We added a downtown Los Angeles office in 2011. In the last five years we have added offices in Bakersfield, Boston, Orange County, Oxnard, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and San Francisco.

What Kind Of Clients Do Employment Lawyers Represent?

Our Employment attorneys represent employees who have been discriminated against at work, wrongfully terminated (sometimes in a discriminatory fashion), sexually harassed, and denied accommodations due to medical conditions. We also represent employees who were not paid all of their wages due. In these wage and hour cases we sue for unpaid bonuses, commissions, double time, meal breaks, minimum wage, overtime, pay stub violations, prevailing wages, rest breaks, and stock options. For a complete list of all of the employment cases our California employment lawyers handled, please click here.

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