Lawyers Who Handle Wrongful Termination

Lead Legal Counsel, Karl Gerber, has handled wrongful termination cases since 1993. He began his career as an attorney handling wrongful termination cases for Los Angeles clients. As of 2014, he has handled more than 1,000 Los Angeles lawsuits involving wrongful termination. He has won many binding arbitrations and jury trials involving wrongful termination, and also has published appeals on the topic of wrongful termination. Our law firm handles wrongful termination cases for a variety of reasons. The reasons why we handle wrongful termination cases include:

i need to sue my employer attorney
  • We want to give employees a chance in the world of unjust employment decisions
  • We find the handling of wrongful termination cases to be intellectually stimulating
  • We enjoy handling wrongful termination cases
  • Our firm was founded on the principle that most people spend the majority of their productive hours during a day at work, and if their workplace is a bad place to be the quality of their overall life is poor
  • Handing wrongful termination cases can be exciting for our attorneys

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What Does Handling A Wrongful Termination Case Mean?

Handling a wrongful termination case means doing what must be done in order to win the case through a good settlement or favorable verdict in court. Handling a wrongful termination case means being very persistent with employers and their lawyers whose goal is to stall the legal proceedings in order to prejudice the employee. Handling a wrongful termination case means properly advising the wrongfully terminated employee so they can make the best decision what to do with their wrongful termination case. Handling a wrongful termination case also means doing a lot of legal writing and research.

What can be said about our labor law firm, opposed to many others, is we are equipped to handle wrongful termination cases. We have found that handling wrongful termination cases for employees is not the main focus of many of our competitors. While our competitors may handle some wrongful termination cases their primary focus may be handling wage and hour cases otherwise known as cases about commissions, meal break violations, overtime, or class actions relating to these types of unpaid wages. A number of our competitors who claim they handle wrongful termination do so for both employees and employers which is not entirely helpful if you are an employee. We have also determined many of our competitors who claim they handle wrongful termination cases ask the client for considerable money up front in the way of a retainer, costs, or they bill for their time. We take all of our wrongful termination cases on a contingency and advance the costs. We never send clients bills for our time, or ask for costs to be advanced by the client. The legal costs as well as the attorney time spent on a wrongful termination case are more than virtually any employee could ever handle. Moreover, by hiring our firm to handle your wrongful termination case on a contingency what we end up earning from the wrongful termination case usually results in an hourly rate of half or a third of what a wrongful termination lawyer would charge if they were charging the client by the hour.

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  • $175,000 Settlement against a West Los Angeles Employer in a Financial Whistleblowing Case
  • $155,000 Settlement for an Antelope Valley whistleblowing construction firm employee
  • $152,000 Settlement for a Camarillo office manager whose job seemed to disappear after pregnancy leave
  • $125,000 for a Whittier food manufacturing employee fired for complaining about unsafe food preparation methods
  • $300,000 post-trial settlement for an El Monte janitor who was fired for insisting on his right to take a rest break

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