California Government Code Section 12940 FEHA discrimination lawyer

California Government Code Section 12940 prohibits harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and adverse employment actions based upon:
Race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, gender identification, sex, sexual orientation, age, military or veteran status, and genetic information.
As an employment discrimination lawyer California Government Code Section 12940 is the legal source behind many of the cases I represent employees in. Therefore, based thereupon, I pulled over and took a picture of the odometer in my van last night as it reached 12940!

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  • 675,000 Sexual harassment in a warehouse
  • 175,000 Minor issues of pregnancy discrimination in fast food restaurant, lack of rest breaks
  • 190,000 Sexual Harassment in the medical coding industry
  • 537,000 Binding Arbitration in Disability/FMLA case in insurance industry
  • 193,500 Sexual Harassment by a registered sex offender
  • 120,000 Racial Discrimination of a warehouse worker
  • 150,000 Settlement for failure to reinstate after maternity leave
  • 465,000 Sexual harassment at a gas station
  • 140,000 Not Accommodated and Fired for Mental Disability Leave
  • 137,930.14 Robinson v. Mantra - Binding Arbitration Award in Pregnancy Case
  • 150,000 Mental disability & termination of CFO
  • 365,000 Sexual harassment of a delivery driver
  • 137,500 Failure to reinstate after FMLA
  • 280,111.42 Vasquez v. Del Rio Sanitarium settled for $365,000 after defendant lost their appeal - pregnancy case - Jury Trial
  • 127,450 improper inquiry about medical abilities
  • 162,000 Sexual harassment at a home owner’s Association
  • 105,000 Fired After Depression Leave
  • 150,000 Cancer discrimination & termination of waitress
  • 150,000 Sexual harassment of an eight-teen year old restaurant worker
  • 200,000 for prevailing wage and FMLA violations
  • 200,000 for PAGA violations and sexual harassment
  • 102,500 sexual harassment of a janitor
  • 490,000 for sex and age discrimination of women
  • 166,250 racial harassment at a big box store
  • 150,000 job not held open during cancer treatment
  • 260,000 for sexual harassment in a supermarket
  • 225,000 for two kitchen workers sexually harassed
  • 105,500 sexual harassment of a lesbian aerospace worker by a man who wanted to turn her straight
  • 150,000 sexual harassment by a manager of an adult daycare program
  • 270,000 Sexual harassment & termination
  • 225,000 Sexual harassment by store customers
  • 120,000 male on male sexual harassment
  • 120,000 Insurance professional terminated for taking California Family Care Leave (FMLA)
  • 117,702 Disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave & termination of $10.00 an hour employee in binding arbitration award
  • 200,000 Race Discrimination towards Latinos
  • 117,500($24,000) Pregnancy discrimination & termination loss of earnings
  • 182,500 Fired during cancer treatment
  • 115,000 Sexual harassment of car saleswoman & minor unpaid commissions