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When you are injured at work, you have a right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer fires you or retaliates against you for exercising this right, you may be entitled to additional compensation from your employer under California Labor Code §132a. If you are hiring a workers compensation attorney and were retaliated against for pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, it is very important that you hire an attorney who will not only pursue your rights for workers’ compensation disability benefits but also for §132a penalties.

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Can My Employer Fire Me if the Accident Was My Fault?

fired because of work accident

This is a very complicated legal issue for which we recommend you consult an experienced workers compensation attorney. Generally, unless you intentionally caused the accident California workers compensation laws require your employer’s workers compensation insurance to cover all employee injuries regardless of whether the employee was at fault. California labor law is specifically written so California workers compensation covers employee injuries caused by ordinary employee negligence.

Retaliation for Pursuing Workers’ Compensation Benefits

It is illegal for your employer to fire you, demote you or take adverse actions against you for:

  • Having an on-the-job injury
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Pursuing medical treatment through the California workers compensation system

Examples of times when you should consult a work injury attorney include:

  • You and your doctor disagree about your care, or when you are able to return to work.
  • You do not believe your employer is sending you to the right, or neutral doctors.
  • You have a permanent injury.
  • You cannot go back to your given profession due to your injury.
  • You need to be out of work a long time.
  • Your employer will not accommodate your work injuries.

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