Burbank Pregnancy Lawyer, 5 Examples Of Pregnancy Discrimination

Burbank Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Pregnancy is a difficult, sacred time. It does not get much lower than for an employer to discriminate against pregnancy. Having represented hundreds of pregnant women in pregnancy discrimination cases, we understand the difficulty of being pregnant. We have won pregnancy cases in which women have been denied pregnancy related medical conditions. The denial of pregnancy related medical conditions whether they are lifting restrictions due to pregnancy, time off due to pregnancy related medical conditions, or a job modification allowing frequent bathroom breaks due to pregnancy, we have prevailed in those types of pregnancy discrimination cases.

The Employment Lawyers Group knows the right arguments to make when an employer claims the recently pregnant employee is not looking for work. It is hard to find employment in your sixth month of pregnancy. It is also difficult to find employment when you tell your prospective employer you have a newborn. These are issues we have prevailed on in pregnancy cases.

Contact Our Burbank Pregnancy Employment Lawyers If:

  1. You were mistreated due to morning sickness
  2. Your employer did not accommodate your pregnancy related medical appointments (prenatal/ultrasounds)
  3. You were not accommodated after a C-Section
  4. Your employer failed to give you time off for the birth of your baby
  5. Your employer failed to grant you maternity leave

Unfair treatment due to maternity leave may be a violation of pregnancy laws. If you want to protect your rights while you are pregnant, you want to be reinstated to your job after maternity leave, you are advised to speak to an experienced employment lawyer in the Burbank/Glendale area. Your job rights are not necessarily different because you work for a Burbank Studio although there are various defenses that might be raised if you are working at a television studio.

Television employers may attempt to misapply case law from television industry employment cases to argue you have lesser rights to pregnancy laws. We have dealt with arguments about media positions being seasonal. Sex and gender discrimination is not allowed if taping only occurs sometimes. Protected leaves of absence due to pregnancy are something that every employee is entitled to. There is not a Burbank studio exception to case law because you are pregnant and work for a big studio in Burbank. However, an inexperienced pregnancy discrimination lawyer will be fooled by the lawyers of employers in the studio business and harm your interests in your pregnancy case.

Top Burbank Pregnancy Lawyer

Burbank Pregnancy Lawyer

We have handled many cases against the Burbank Studios. Whether you work for Disney Studios, NBC, Warner Brothers, or one of the small Burbank studios, post production houses, or vendors of the studios we understand your employment issues. We have dealt with the fact that employees are paid through Entertainment Partners, but perform all of their work for a studio.

We also understand the rest of the Burbank employees whether they are a Burbank aerospace company, the Bob Hope Airport, Magnolia Power Project, Providence Saint Joseph, or Yahoo. Firm Founder, Karl Gerber, began his career representing aerospace workers. Our firm has also represented many healthcare workers in employment disputes HEALTHCARE WHISTLE. Besides some of the large medical facilities in Burbank, the city is also home to Health Line Clinical Lab, Burbank Community Health Clinic, and a number of health organizations. Whether you are a nurse, medical biller, Certified Nursing Assistant, or other healthcare worker, we are experienced in representing healthcare workers in employment disputes.

We are presently working on a breast milk pumping case against a Burbank hospital. Women who have recently given birth have rights to pump breast milk in a private location at their employer. There are fines against employers who do not allow women to pump breast milk. The pumping of breast milk may be an embarrassing issue to some, but for us it is like a doctor asking a patient to disrobe. One cannot represent pregnant women and be embarrassed about the issues that pregnancy creates in employment.