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Federal Labor Secretary In Los Angeles

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Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, stopped in Los Angeles in order to kick off his pre-Labor-Day national tour to champion higher minimum wages. Last year, around this time, when the Federal Labor Secretary stopped in Los Angeles to urge higher minimum wage, I started to report on minimum wage. One year later I have written number of articles on minimum wage. Some of them on this topic include: for the Northern California area for the Federal and State level for San Diego Minimum Wage controversy

I have written more articles on all of the hoopla surrounding minimum wage hikes. These three I easily remember. What has come of all of this Democratic interest in minimum wage, constantly met with Republican and alleged small business opposition?

  •   An executive order hiking Federal Minimum Wage for employees who are contractors with the United States Government
  •   A California statewide increase to $9.00 an hour as of July 1, 2014 with more increases coming

Must Interns Be Paid?

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Labor lawyers advise whether an intern should be paid depends on the following factors:

  • The extent to which the internship provides training similar to the training typically given by an educational institute. This may be hard to meet because most Lawyer For Internseducational facilities do not offer real office work. In addition, internships are usually not classroom experiences, or online education.
  • The degree to which the internship experience benefits the intern rather than the employer. If the Intern is mostly reading case files and then turning in a report for a professor this may not benefit the sponsor of the internship, but how many internships operate in this fashion?

Free Labor Lawyer Consultation In Los Angeles

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Free Labor Work Lawyer ConsulatationAny good labor lawyer receives a minimum of 5 new client calls a day in which an employee calls in seeking representation on an employment case. They also receive e-mails. If we think what you say on the phone sounds like a case we will meet with you for free at our office. You can call the initial client meeting a free consultation, but we would like to think of it as a client who has made the decision to sue and is planning to hire our firm to file a lawsuit against their employer.

Beware of any labor lawyer who advertises a, “Free consultation.” If this means they will get on the phone with you for five to ten minutes, is that a consultation? While there may be some exceptions, any experienced lawyer representing employees knows they cannot give you legal advice in five to ten minutes. If you really want to find out what your legal rights are as an employee, you need a half hour to two hours with a lawyer. Will any employment lawyer give you a half hour to two hours just to answer your labor law questions when they don’t think you have a case they can take? Hell no!

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